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Plastisol S-B Special Elastic Color Printing inks are developed colors for the printing industry on texttile. Plastisol colors are solvent-base special elastic. color printing inks with great OPAQUE properties.

Plastic S-B Special Elastic Color Printing inks are highly available to make the printing on both deep-color base and light-color base fabrics.Furthermore, every item in the range can be easily mixed by their high compatibility to create numerous different colors as required.

Plastisol S-B are generally recomended by the following process on the texttile printing:

Table(Hand) Printing -- Printing paste (Colors)--> First time printing--> General Drying--> 2nd time printing(For good coverage) Deep Drying(175-180, 2-3 mins) Finish printing.

Machine Printing -- Printing Paste(Colors)--> First time printing--> Drying(Ultra Rays 250 or 350, 5-7 Sec)--> 2nd Time Printing--> Drying (Ultra Rays250 or 350, 5-7 sec)--> Finish Printing.

Plastisol Auxiliaries Plastisol S-B PC-series Plastisol S-B SPC-series
Plastisol S-B EL-series Plastisol S-B OC-series Plastisol S-B 3D ink series(Higt Density)
Recommended Recipes Plastisol S-B TR-series

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