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Navaflock series are Flock piles of Nylons and Viscose, there are numerous colors available upon ordering. Both Nylon flocks and Viscose flocks are widely used for partial floacking as well as full-face flocking with Elastizol W-B flocking binder F-AS(partial flocking), and Elastizol W-B flocking Binder F-A1-A2.

Nylon Flock(Piles Nylon 6 and Nylon 66) Viscose(Rayon Flock Piles
1.5D X 0.5mm 1.5D X 0.5mm
1.5D X 0.8mm 1.5D X 0.8mm
3.0D X 0.8mm 3.0D X 0.8mm
3.0D X 1mm 3.0D X 1mm


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