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Our Elastizol Series of products, which are the ranges of Water Based Inks, find application depending on the Fabric to be printed. We offer many products such as: Cotton Inks, Cotton Discharge, Cotton High Density, Denim Inks, Denim Discharge, Denim High Density, Metallic Binder, Flock Binder, High Stretch Ink, Foam Binder, Cracking Paste, Anti-Stamping Paste, Burn Out and many more.

Our Plastisol Series of products are the range of Platisol Inks with very good hand feeling, softness and wash-ability.

Point of View:

By the consideration of our worldwide networks and group philosophy, we are keeping our business with "Non-hesitation" to our customers, and moreover, we, "Aroxide Impex (I) Pvt. Ltd" have been step by step making our business divisions and fields hand in hand and in conformity. Therefore, we can arrogantly demonstrate our guarantee to best service, highest quality production and most up-to-date feedback to the customer’s requirement.

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